Observed and Future Environmental Effects

Observed and Future EnvironmentalGlobal warming has been with us for some time now. This means that it is not something that was discovered just last year. Through various observations and researches the causes of global warming, its negative effects and ways through which it can be reduced have all been propounded by renowned scientists. Discussions are now almost on every available media platform about global warming. Such widespread discussions and publicity of climate change has led to a careful look being taken into how these problems really came about, the observed effects in the past and how things may become in the nearest possible future.

Climate change took a dangerous turn during the much talked about industrial era which saw the bringing into existence of many manufacturing industries and other machines. These manufacturing industries and machines needed other sources of energy like fossil fuels in order for them to work. It is through the use of such fuel sources that led to the destruction of the atmosphere at a rate never witnessed before as the gases that emitted from the use of such fuel sources contained very harmful gases that wreaked various kinds of havoc on our environment. From the time that sophisticated machines were built in the mid-20th century, the number of machines has since the increased exponentially and with such an increase, the adverse effects of global warming has also gone through the roof.

Observed effects of climate change on the environment

Some of the observed effects of climate change of years gone by include;

  • Shrinkage of glaciers: It has been observed for over 50 years now that glaciers are melting at a rate that is very alarming. Glaciers in the Alps and some parts of the United States have all shrunk in size due to the change in climatic conditions being experienced now.
  • The depletion of animals that survived in colder conditions and an increase in the number of animals that survive in warmer conditions: This means that the number of animals like seals and polar bears that are well suited to very cold conditions is decreasing at a rate that causes eyebrows to be raised whilst the number of those better suited for the warmer conditions are increasing.
  • Shrinking sea ice: It has also been observed that the warm climate conditions have resulted in the melting of large volumes of sea ice which leads to other problems like sea level rise.
  • Severe droughts: The droughts that have been observed from the 1970’s up to date have been more severe than any of previously experienced.
  • The other observed effects of climate change include the rise in sea level, an increase in the acidity level of the sea, accelerated thawing of permafrost, changing patterns in how it rains and snows, very severe weather conditions, the temperature of the oceans rising and a much increase in coastal erosion.

These are but just a few of the effects of climate change that have been observed for some time now and each of these effects also comes with its own effects which compounds the whole issue.

 Future environmental effects of climate change

The effects of climate change on the environment seems to be only starting as very renowned scientists have been able to study the current trend of things relating to the environment and with such information they have predicted some effects of climate change on the environment if humans continue to live the care-free kind of lifestyle.

Some of these predicted future effects of climate change are;

  • Increase in temperature conditions: According to research done by the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), the average temperature has been predicted to rise between 1.1o C and 6.4oC globally by the time the year 2100 is reached.
  • It has also been predicted that 25 years to come, there will be about 50% shortage in rainfall leading to severe crop failures in lot of places which is estimated to affect about five billion people.
  • The volume of water in the northern countries is also estimated to increase to about 50%.
  • There will also be desertification and widespread bushfires which will lead to the destruction of large portions of the remaining forests.
  • The spread of malaria has also been predicted to increase drastically due to the changing climatic conditions.
  • Increase in the number of people suffering from illnesses that has to do with the respiratory system of humans due to the reduction in air quality
  • A lot of animal species are also predicted to become extinct if nothing is done to rectify the global warming problem.
  • There has also been the idea that due to the shortage of water that will be experienced in the near future and may eve cause wars as people struggle to claim the little water that will be left.

One very heartbreaking research on the effects of global warming on the environment in the near future is that if some activities of man are not kept in check the living conditions of the Earth will be unbearable for living things by the year 2047. This really calls for very drastic measures to be taken so as to avert the impending disaster.

News on Global Warming

The gradual rise in the average temperature of the world known as global warming has since its discovery dominated the major news headlines for a very long time. Numerous publications have been made on the global warming phenomenon. All the media platforms known to man have in one way or the other been used to bring news about global warming to the notice of the entire world population. The news being given to the public do not always side with those who believe that global warming is really inevitable. Some of them are those that purport that the whole global warming thing is nothing but a hoax concocted by some people to deceive the entire world population. However, reading all the news on global warming really helps an individual to make an informed decision with regards to the environment.

With the passing of each day, there are new developments in the climate in different parts of the world and such things need to be reported for each and every one to get access to that piece of information. The total number of information passed out through the various media platforms as news on global warming is very huge. Some of the global warming news that really made the headlines includes;

  1. Arctic cap slides into the ocean: This was about a satellite capturing the sliding of an ice cap in a remote part of the Arctic. It was also made clear that the ice cap had really been thinning as a result of warm temperatures and from the year 2012 to date, it had thinned about 50 metres and was now travelling very fast.
  2. Things to know about the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP): This was about the some of the things that the SMAP, which is to be launched on the 29th of January, could do like measuring the soil moisture of the Earth every three days and producing very high quality images that have never been produced before.
  3. Warm and dry climatic conditions affecting the forests in California: This news on global warming has to do with botanists who have conducted a research into the forests of California in the 1920s and 1930s and compared their findings with that of today. These botanists found out that the forest have taken a downward plunge as it was realized that the number of trees have kept on decreasing with the passing of each year from the 1930s.
  4. The ice of Greenland melts at a very fast rate as the weather keeps on getting warmer: This is about the rising average temperatures which will in turn lead to the ice in Greenland melting at an alarming rate. With such melting of ice in Greenland, it will directly lead to the level of the sea rising to new heights bringing with it all sorts of effects for man and the other living things on the Earth.

A lot of these news articles have been circulating the internet with the view to helping create awareness among all people so as to help save the environment from being totally destroyed by various human activities. Further and detailed information on news articles on global warming can be found at climate news.

News on global warming seeks to provide the following;

  • Help in informing the whole world about the issues concerning global warming
  • Get the latest developments in climate change in certain parts of the world to the remaining parts so that people will get to know what is really happening to our environment through changes in the climate
  • Propagate the causes and possible solutions to the global warming and climate change phenomenon so as to get the entire world involved in doing their part to ensure that the world and its atmosphere is made very safe for all life forms

These are just a few of the things that news on global warming seek to achieve, even though there are some news articles being circulated by very few wealthy people trying to debunk all the research findings on climate changes and global warming. The news articles from these people have always been refuted by most scientists with authentic scientific proofs.

Since the day the global warming and climate change were made public, there has always been the problem of having to deal with people trying to throw dust into the eyes of the entire population just to deceive them to think that nothing like global warming was ever going to happen. This however, further prompted the development of new technologies like the SMAP and other state-of-the-art satellites that are able to accurately record all the various changes that occur on the Earth and its atmosphere. Paying a visit to telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/environment/climatechange will give further information on various news articles on global warming.



Future Proposals on Global Warming and Climate Change

The indiscriminate rising of the average atmospheric temperature has for some time now dominated the stage of global awareness creation. The effects of global warming and climate change has been predicted to become very profound in the near future and this has led to several measures being introduced in order to help minimize such effects associated with global warming and climate change.

Some of the proposals on global warming and climate change are;

  • The need to use energy efficiently: This is in relation to making sure that the various appliances used in the home and at the workplace are made in such a way that they will utilize energy efficiently. Technologies that ensure efficient use of energy helps us to use very little energy to achieve a very high level of whatever needs to be done
  • The switch to using environmentally friendly fuel sources in transportation: This is about campaigning for the whole world to adopt the use of fuel sources like electricity and biogas to power the various means of transportation. This include the use of electrically powered vehicles and other transport machines
  • Increasing the use of renewable energy sources: Renewable energy sources like solar, geothermal, hydro, wind and nuclear provide humans with better sources of energy as they are environmentally friendly than the fossil fuels being used these days. Switching to the use of renewable sources of energy will help ensure the safety of the environment
  • Shutting down of fossil fuelled industries: This is another proposal that seeks to stop all coal-fuelled industries from operating. This can be seen in the policy introduced by the Canadian government which sought to ban all coal-fuelled industries as a way of keeping the global warming issues down
  • Reforestation: The forests of the world serve as a very useful way of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as they serve as carbon sinks. This is a way to help keep the carbon dioxide levels under control
  • The use of low-carbon technologies: There are researches being conducted into low-carbon emitting machines which will help in drastically reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Advocating for the use of home insulators: This has to do with encouraging people to install insulators in their buildings to make them use energy efficiently

Further research that has been conducted came out with the findings that certain geoengineering measures can also be put in place to curb the problem of climate change. Measures like placing millions of small mirrors in the atmosphere to bounce some of the sunlight to other parts of the atmosphere and iron fertilization are all aimed at making the environment safe for all living things.

There are individuals and organizations that are campaigning for people to revert to clean energy sources that will help in ensuring that the environment becomes a safe place to for humans in the near future.

Seeing that the future of an entire generation is at risk of becoming extinct, President Barack Obama came out with a plan that has since then been referred to as ‘’The Clean Power Plan’’. This plan if properly implemented will see to the cutting down of pollution by about 30% within the next ten years. Included in this plan is the providing the various states with an option to do away with all coal plants and make way for new plants that rely on and switch to the renewable sources of energy like solar, hydro, wind and nuclear.

There has also been a climate deal between the United States of America and China which has been viewed by many as being a very huge step towards a global agreement.

The unending effects of global warming and climate change has led to various organizations and individuals doing all that they can to educate the entire populace on safer and better ways through which the future of this earth can be secured. Allowing such global warming effects to go unchecked for a considerable period of time presents such grave consequences for the whole world and will make it an uncomfortable place for any living thing to live.

These above stated proposals are a means to make sure that the negative impacts associated with global warming and climate change does not hit the world as hard as it has been predicted by various scientists. With such proposals, adhering to them will help in restoring the damaged atmosphere back to how it was previously.

The future of the world lies in the holistic execution of all the policies that various governments, organizations and individuals have proposed.