Political and Scientific Response

There have been varied responses from different groups and individuals on the problems that are brought about by global warming. It cannot be said that the world is watching on as the activities of man plummets the Earth into total destruction. Since the issue of global warming came about, the major players really have contributed to the finding of solutions and for making sure that some kind of measures are introduced to help check the constant effect off such issues on the world which are poisoning the atmosphere and making it very dangerous for living organisms to survive. These major players are the various governments of each and every country and the scientific world.

Political discussion

The response from the various governments can be said to be a bit encouraging as numerous policies are being made to help control the rate of global warming. A lot of policies that are mainly aimed at restoring the environment to the way it was some years ago have been drafted by policy makers are all going to prove that there has really been a response politically to the threat of global warming and its unimaginable effects.

The political response to the danger of global warming includes the following;

In the European countries

  1. Formulation of policies that promote the usage of renewable sources of electricity
  2. Policies on the efficient and wise usage of the available energy sources
  3. Promotion of bio fuel usage by vehicles
  4. Ensuring that policies are made to help keep the amount of CO2 released from vehicles under the barest minimum
  5. Encouraging the general populace to switch to electrically powered vehicles
  6. Formulation of the policy that brought about t The Green Deal

In the Asian countries

  1. The smelting industries have also been encouraged to switch to technologically advanced equipment’s that ensures that energy usage by such industries becomes efficient
  2. Renewable and clean energy usage promotion
  3. Formulation of policies that sought to convince people to switch to using biogas rather than fossil fuelled energy sources
  4. Policies on ensuring that the depleted forests are re-planted so as to add to the number of carbon sinks
  5. There is the campaign for the use of environmentally friendly vehicles that also utilize the available energy efficiently
  6. The government has also come up with a campaign that seeks to clamp down the free giving of plastic bags to people who buy from shops

In Canada

  1. Ensuring that the existing technologies were further advanced to help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by heavy- duty machines by almost 24%
  2. Policy to reduce the quantity of CFCs being released into the atmosphere
  3. Becoming part of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition- which is an international organization aimed at advancing technologies to reduce the usage of pollutants that puts the safety of the environment in jeopardy
  4. Funding projects like the Muskrat Falls Hydroelectricity in Newfoundland and Labrador which are all aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  5. The investing of over $10 billion in such areas as the technologies that ensure energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials
  6. A ban being placed on all machines that made use of coal as its main source of energy

Even in the developing countries where the idea of greenhouse gas reduction is the same as economic shutdown, a country like Nicaragua has taken a very bold step through its clean energy initiative introduced in some of its rural areas.

Scientific discussion

The response has not just been from the various governments alone. The scientists have also added their voice to the issue of global warming with over 96% of them agreeing to the assertion that such a drastic climate change has been brought about by the activities of man. This has led to the various scientific associations coming out with public declarations to confirm the findings.

Some of these associations and what they came out with include;

  • American association for the advancement of science: They said that it was evidently clear that climate change globally was really in motion due to human activities and the threat it poses for the society keeps growing.
  • American geophysical union: This Union also said that the incidence of climate change due to human activities demands for swift action as it had been observed that for over 50 years, the activities of man have worsened the situation. They also asked for response from the society to be rapid so as to reduce the negative impact of the climate change.

Other major scientific organizations have also held conferences and declared publicly the effects of climate change on all living things on Earth. Even though it has not been all that straight forward in trying to convince each and everyone about the impending doom of the Earth as there are some sceptics who still think it’s all a hoax, the scientific response has been terrific. Various conferences and seminars have been held by the scientific associations in their bid to educate the entire population on the need to adopt better ways of living to help minimize the effect of climate change.

Public and media discussion

The public have also resorted to creating awareness on the effects of climate change through the various media outlets like the publishing of articles on global warming, creating of environmentally friendly private groups aimed at helping the world change its negative ways to help sustain the environment for longer than expected. These days the internet is flooded with articles and blogs on global warming which are all aimed at creating public awareness and this has led to a significant increase in the number of people who now take the issue of climate change very serious.