Future Proposals on Global Warming and Climate Change

The indiscriminate rising of the average atmospheric temperature has for some time now dominated the stage of global awareness creation. The effects of global warming and climate change has been predicted to become very profound in the near future and this has led to several measures being introduced in order to help minimize such effects associated with global warming and climate change.

Some of the proposals on global warming and climate change are;

  • The need to use energy efficiently: This is in relation to making sure that the various appliances used in the home and at the workplace are made in such a way that they will utilize energy efficiently. Technologies that ensure efficient use of energy helps us to use very little energy to achieve a very high level of whatever needs to be done
  • The switch to using environmentally friendly fuel sources in transportation: This is about campaigning for the whole world to adopt the use of fuel sources like electricity and biogas to power the various means of transportation. This include the use of electrically powered vehicles and other transport machines
  • Increasing the use of renewable energy sources: Renewable energy sources like solar, geothermal, hydro, wind and nuclear provide humans with better sources of energy as they are environmentally friendly than the fossil fuels being used these days. Switching to the use of renewable sources of energy will help ensure the safety of the environment
  • Shutting down of fossil fuelled industries: This is another proposal that seeks to stop all coal-fuelled industries from operating. This can be seen in the policy introduced by the Canadian government which sought to ban all coal-fuelled industries as a way of keeping the global warming issues down
  • Reforestation: The forests of the world serve as a very useful way of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as they serve as carbon sinks. This is a way to help keep the carbon dioxide levels under control
  • The use of low-carbon technologies: There are researches being conducted into low-carbon emitting machines which will help in drastically reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Advocating for the use of home insulators: This has to do with encouraging people to install insulators in their buildings to make them use energy efficiently

Further research that has been conducted came out with the findings that certain geoengineering measures can also be put in place to curb the problem of climate change. Measures like placing millions of small mirrors in the atmosphere to bounce some of the sunlight to other parts of the atmosphere and iron fertilization are all aimed at making the environment safe for all living things.

There are individuals and organizations that are campaigning for people to revert to clean energy sources that will help in ensuring that the environment becomes a safe place to for humans in the near future.

Seeing that the future of an entire generation is at risk of becoming extinct, President Barack Obama came out with a plan that has since then been referred to as ‘’The Clean Power Plan’’. This plan if properly implemented will see to the cutting down of pollution by about 30% within the next ten years. Included in this plan is the providing the various states with an option to do away with all coal plants and make way for new plants that rely on and switch to the renewable sources of energy like solar, hydro, wind and nuclear.

There has also been a climate deal between the United States of America and China which has been viewed by many as being a very huge step towards a global agreement.

The unending effects of global warming and climate change has led to various organizations and individuals doing all that they can to educate the entire populace on safer and better ways through which the future of this earth can be secured. Allowing such global warming effects to go unchecked for a considerable period of time presents such grave consequences for the whole world and will make it an uncomfortable place for any living thing to live.

These above stated proposals are a means to make sure that the negative impacts associated with global warming and climate change does not hit the world as hard as it has been predicted by various scientists. With such proposals, adhering to them will help in restoring the damaged atmosphere back to how it was previously.

The future of the world lies in the holistic execution of all the policies that various governments, organizations and individuals have proposed.