Climate change-Government Action

Climate change is seen as the rise or decrease in the average temperatures of the world for over a period of not less than ten years. What this means is that there is the possibility of the world becoming too cold (global cooling) or too warm (global warming) bringing about varied negative effects to all living things. However, the current trend of climate change suggests that the probability of global cooling occurring is very low as compared to that of global warming. This has prompted various forms of checks to be put in place to help bring the effects of global warming to the barest minimum.

There are on-going campaigns by groups and even individuals directed at making sure that people become very much aware of the things that bring about climate change and what can be done to avert the problems associated with climate change. The various governments have also joined in this campaign and have come up with some very good environmentally friendly policies with the objective of making life for this generation and future ones better and devoid of all forms of environmental problems. The governments of China, Canada, European countries, and even the developing countries have all been contributing their part to making this world very safe for all kinds of living things.

Policies being implemented by the various governments

Some of the policies that have been put in place by various governments to minimize the impact of global warming include the following;

  • The move to reduce the greenhouse gases that are emitted by the various means of transport: This is being achieved through the giving of grants to individuals who decide to go in for the electrically powered vehicles and the advancing of technologies to help make the using of rechargeable vehicles free from all problems through the installation of recharging units. Another area of transportation that has also been tackled is the use of bio fuels to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted through the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Industries and other organisations that use energy-using machines to become very efficient in their use of energy: This is about getting those heavy industrial machines to use less energy whilst achieving maximum work output thereby making them very efficient. When less energy is used by these industries, the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted is also reduced drastically.
  • Reduction in the prices of energy friendly appliances: This was done to help increase the number of people using gadgets that used any of the clean sources of energy like electricity and solar. With such reductions and discounts being given on those gadgets, the number of users increased and this in a way helped reduce the harmful gases that would have been released from the previous gadgets that these people were using at first.
  • Another policy is the encouraging of people to resort to the use of insulators in their buildings to help in making energy usage in the home very efficient. By installing insulators at a discount, individual homes were able to use little energy for the same things that were at first using up huge amounts of energy. This in a way helped the people to save money whilst also ensuring the safety of the environment.

Other notable policies also include the support for actions on climate change internationally, promotion of low-carbon technologies, helping the UK to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 80% by the year 2050 and making use of research findings to help them make informed policies concerning changes in the climate.

These are all policies that have been put in place by the UK to help in ensuring that the environment becomes very safe for the survival of the human race as well as other living things. Additional information concerning the policies stated above can be found at •

According to the Populus survey that was conducted recently, about 73% of the total population in the UK believe that the government of UK should come to a consensus with other leaders of the various countries on a deal that will ensure that each and every country does its part in ensuring that the activities of man that has led to the destruction of the environment are reduced so as to ensure that further destruction will be stopped. Another finding that came out of the survey is that about 66% of the total population also voted for such a deal to be reached now rather than later whilst only 20% of the people were of the view that such a deal can be concluded some years later but not now. The whole details of this Populus survey can be found at

Looking at the action of the UK government, it can be seen that they are ultimately engaged in the fight against global warming and climate change.